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A CheapAss’ Guide To Streaming Motorsports

Over the past couple years I’ve been working my way off of any regular TV. I’ve structured my TV options around what racing is on them. Below I list off what I use to watch just about any type of racing on the cheap and still have a ton of “Regular” channels. And by Regular, […]

Bilstein SS Shock Suggestions for Butler

With the new rules on shocks for the street stock class at Butler, here are my suggestions for off the shelf Bilstein part numbers: LF: 7″ 213-S7Z5050 RF: 7″ 213-S7Z6060 This lets you have some options by swapping shocks side to side if needed. LR: 9″ 213-S9Z6040 or 6060. The 6060 option can tighten or […]

Racing From Butler In HD on Youtube….

If you have missed a night of racing at Butler Motor Speedway, we have been getting video of each Modified heat race this year. I am a little behind on processing it but it will get done. Here is a recent one where a rookie driver goes for a ride on the front straight…. Be […]

Mid/Late-Summer Update

It’s more than half way through 2015. It’s been a good year, but there is much more work to do. I know we haven’t posted much on social media or our website lately and there are reasons for that(not in any real order)…. Lots of Projects: 1. We have been working behind the scenes with […]