Mid/Late-Summer Update

It’s more than half way through 2015. It’s been a good year, but there is much more work to do.

I know we haven’t posted much on social media or our website lately and there are reasons for that(not in any real order)….

Lots of Projects:

1. We have been working behind the scenes with several teams helping to develop the next generation of race car….Both Pavement and Dirt. Stay tuned for more on that this winter when we might be able to talk more about it. Please be sure we are working in the best interest of our customers and clients, period!

2. Updating our SRS rebound adjusters for our double and single adjustable shocks. We are very close to production on these. These new parts reduce the loss of zero point on rebound as changes to the adjuster are made. This is great for today’s setups. We are also working to optimize the compression adjuster on our compression canisters…we’ve had some trouble with these and will get it figured out soon.

3. Building the catalog of SRS Series shocks. Yes, over the winter, we intend to develop a full numbered valving catalog. At first it will include Non-adjustable, single adjustable and then, double adjustable, base-valve mono tubes and more over time. With our SRS Series: Repairs will cost less, have the same great performance and allow more options. We will no longer do repair work on any other brands except for: QA1 Series 52 Twin Tubes and our SRS series shocks. If we are not able to get all the parts completed, we will still repair and valve Bilstien 46mm shocks.

4. For all customers purchasing a complete shock package for 2016, we will be requiring a signed contract for the full year. This may or may not include a buy-back program. We want to work directly with you and understand what you and your car needs, in the end, making You faster. If you switch products we have no way to understand your package and help you. I obviously don’t want to give credit to our products if you are no longer running them.

5. All my free time has been taken up by getting the graphics business back on it’s feet. This is been a major struggle, but we are pushing forward. A new vinyl printer is on the way as well as 4-5 Killer SR T-Shirt designs that are ready to be printed. We’ve been cranking out decals, T-Shirts(heat press/digital transfers), banners and may other products as well over the past few months. Even completed a couple racecar wraps for 2015. PRO Designs Plus can do it, call the shop today!  PRO Designs Plus

6. The R/C business has been picking up a ton lately, this also has taken a ton of time…hence working 13-16hr days for the past 6-8 months. In that time, we have introduced our own line of LiPo batteries and brought in more products direct from manufactures. We plan to keep expanding this as the budget allows and saving our customers even more money. Vist our store online: TheRCProShop.com for some of the best R/C Products made today…from Team Associated to Traxxas.

7. SR Radio launch… I’ve been playing with this off and on for some time now. Just getting things setup, so it may be taken down as we don’t have a lot of listeners yet…but we will be developing more content, not just music for the channel. You can find it on our main menu or just clicking here: SR Radio This is not all for the content we want to produce… it will take a while but it will be happening at some point….stay tuned.

Other notes:

A. SRS has added a new service fee to clean shocks. If you bring us completely oily and mud caked shocks there will be a $5 charge per shock to clean them. We will have a complete service and repair fee chart by the end of 2015.

B. The R/C Pro-Shop has put in place a $20 root cause fee on Repair work which is refundable when paying the regular hourly rate for repairs. Also adding a service fee chart to be posted in the shop and online.

C. SRS will not be delivering or pickup up shocks from this point forward. This reduces wear and tear on my only form of transportation and reduces costs for the business.

D. Last but not least… SRS equipped UMP Modifieds have won 8 our of 12 races at Butler Motor Speedway this year(5 different drivers). Also, In his last time out, Earl Miles Set fast time(.2+ secs) at Springport Speedway, won the heat(at the line, not from turn 2) and just after taking the lead in the feature(starting from the rear) took the RF tire off the wheel on the ABC car. There are some other notables, Trei Dubel getting his first modified Feature win, and then scoring his second at the Angola TopSpeed Series race.

Indeed, SRS is not done, just too busy to run my mouth.

Thanks for checking up on us.


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